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The diamond
The diamond
The diamond is a crystal lattice of atoms of carbon.
The date that traces the formation of diamonds to 2.5 billion years ago was possible only recently thanks to the inclusions containing chemical elements involved in the process of decay. Indeed, the method of carbon-14 is not effective because it is limited to organic carbon, while the diamond consists essentially of pure carbon. Ineffective for that purpose, again because of the chemical purity of the diamond, even geocronologia techniques, such as uranium-lead method.

Searching for diamonds in Sierra Leone
Model of the crystalline structure of graphite
In jewelry, the most common form of cut diamond is round, called brilliant. With this term denotes a round cut with 57 facets minimum to which you add a table below (not always available).
The great spread of this cut has led to a misunderstanding: the public tends to identify the words as bright and diamond were the same. In practice, the word brilliant, if used alone, identified only diamond-cut round. There are still many other precious stones that can be cut into brilliant, such as rubies, sapphires, topazi.
Other types of cutting, among the most popular and widespread are the cutting heart, a brilliant oval, a marquise or shuttles-huit huit, a drop in emerald, a side, a baguette, a trapeze, a pink Dutch a rosette (now disused). Remember 3 other most recent cuts that are being plan, saying the plan in the field of jewelry: princess, radiant and barion.In science these crystals are used in diamond presses and in many optical instruments or electronics; extreme hardness combined with transparency, allows the observation and study of changes of matter, under pressure close to 2 million atmospheres. It is also used in industrial, in the form of granules and powders, for cutting and polishing stone, glass, marble and granite.
Group crystal Monometrico Crystal Cubic symmetry class of cell parameters a = 35.67 punctual Group 4 / m 3 2 / m space group F D3M Physical Density 3.51 - 3.55 g / cm ³ Hardness (Mohs) 10 separate Cleavage Color complex fracture colorless, yellowish color, yellow, yellow-green, yellow-brown, green, greenish, red, red-brown, brick-red, pink, lilac-pink, blue, blue, gray-brown, black. Opacity luster adamantina transparent to opaque until raro Strip Spread

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