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Ceriani Precious Metals:
the most precious resource is the human warmth

The warmth of a most precious metals dealer? It seems a play on words for a company who works with the finest metals for almost forty years, but is the first quality that is appreciated Ceriani entering the home of the Precious Metals, in Milan, in Via San Maurilio 14.

A warmth that metals dealer's customers are familiar with, because many of them have grown with the company, have shared the fortunes, found in the owners and employees in equal availability and participation.

Not surprisingly then, the atmosphere "party animal" that reigns in the comfortable, home to two generations who have dedicated their activities to the provision of semi-precious.

The founder, James Ceriani, is the historical memory of the company: who moved to Italy after the war, in 1962 he began working in the gold sector by applying the knowledge of precious metals chemistry and metallurgy learned when she was still living in America.

In 1970 the headquarters moved from Via Ceriani Bocchetto 13 current location.
With the help of sons Charles and Lola, the company was soon specializing in the sale of semi-finished gold and silver.

"If I were to describe the Ceriani who does not know us," explains Aldo Bruno (amm.unico) "I would say that we are a company that provides the necessary and indispensable components of primary and intermediate artisan jewelry. From rings to bracelets, from closures the collets, by wire to frames, we offer a vast collection of samples aimed at the creation, finishing and processing of gold objects and jewelry. "

"The company caters mainly to the workshops" says Lola Ceriani. "Over time we have expanded the horizon of sales: we currently have customers in America, Australia and Europe, as well as historical Milanese."

"Even before customers are friends," Marina Abatangelo intervenes, since 1984 responsible for the administration. "They celebrate with us because we have everything in common, starting with good humor."
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Ceriani Metalli Preziosi S.r.l. - Via S.Maurilio, 14 - 20123 Milan - Italy
Cap. Soc. € 208.000,00 i.v. - Cod. Fisc. e P. IVA IT 04956140158 CCIAA n. 1077828 *824 MI - Iscr. Tribunale Milano n. 210042
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